H2O and coffee: scientifically balanced

H2O and coffee: scientifically balanced


The association Museo del Caffè di Trieste (aMDC) has been operating in Triest since 2017. A few enthusiasts lead by President Gianni Pistrini decided to translate their great passion for the black drink into an institutional marriage with the Coffee Museum in the city’s Chamber of Commerce (currently closed for logitics issues). From that year on, the association has conducted the Rendezvous, a series of meetings held by leading experts in the “black gold” field.
The city of Triest has become a global strategic hub because of its import and production of coffee. The modern industrial systems and the on-going scientific research has made the city very competitive, but what are the elements that really make a good coffee? Certainly the right mixture of the various Arabic or Robust seeds has its importance but the difference is balanced by the water used. This was clearly explained by Dr. Sergio Barbarisi on our last meetings: “H2O and coffee, scientifically balanced”, which occurred on March 21st at Hotel Savoia Excelsior. Barbarisi is an experienced connoisseur, currently Manager at BWT-Water+More Italia. He is considered a “water guru” for producing coffee. We are aware that every Italian city has a different type of water, with different percentage of lime and chlorine in it: given the same coffee mixture and the machine used, this will inevitably lead to differences in the flabour. BWT has patented a system that combines “inverted osmosis” and re-mineralized capsules can produce a good coffee independently of the water used. From Triest to Sicily, a cup of coffee will always taste the same, as it was proven to us by Barbarisi with a taste of the water as processed by three different de-carbonizers.

The Associazione Museo del Caffè of Triest: how to drink and scientifically comprehend a good coffee, since 2017.

The next Rendezvous will take place on the 18th of April, 5pm at the Hotel Savoia Excelsior, and will be addressed by Sonia Calligaris: “The Colours of coffee.”

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 21 2019
  • Time: 13:00 - 15:00


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