the Associazione Museo del Caffè is born

In the conference hall of the Credito Cooperativo di Staranzano e Villesse bank in Triest, a new cultural association dedicated to the world of coffee was introduced to the press on Friday the 26th of May, 2017: the Associazione Museo del Caffè di Trieste (aMDC).

The newly elected President Gianni Pistrini has outlined that the choice of Triest as its headquarter was obvious, for the town’s centuries-old commitment to coffee which lead to being one of its most recognised symbols.

“All this due to the fact that – Pistrini remembers – the flavour-rich seed came ashore the harbour of Triest already at the end of the 17th century. As time went by, the number of workers involved in the manufacture and sale of coffee grew strong”.

The Associazione Museo del Caffè is not only a formality for the marriage that took place with the local Coffee Museum in 2001 but aims to promote all marketing and cultural aspects that comes with the popular drink. Actually, “The objective for aMDC – as stated by Vicepresident Doriano Simonato, who is also responsible for logistics at the Trading Routes Museum and Jacobs Foundation in Zurich – is that of consolidating all existing inter-twined activities of similar European institutions”.

Other members have spoken at the meeting, like Diego Gianaroli, advisor and trader of the raw and processed materials, or Daniela Ugolini, who has asked women in particular to join the Association and bring their experience within the town, and for it.

“We wish to see the modern city of Triest grow in a simple manner – underlined Ugolini – openly and interculturally.” and that sounds like a goodwill for this newborn association.

Serenella Dorigo

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